Welcome from Pastor Bill Arruda

Olivet Baptist Church is a Christ centered, Bible-believing, and Gospel proclaiming Church. We are situated in Hamden, CT. We would really love to have you visit us. At OBC, it is our great ambition to joyfully follow the Lord in obedience, as we worship Him together, reaching out to those who are lost and in need of Jesus Christ our Savior. Olivet Baptist is deeply committed to Biblical truth. What that means is, we take the Bible seriously and believe every word of the Bible is the inspired, (breathed out), Word of God. Thus the Holy Scriptures are infallible and inerrent, completely sufficient and authoritative for all aspects of life and godly living. In a day when many question and deny absolutes, we confidently proclaim that God’s Holy Word is absolute truth, and fully trustworthy, having God’s full authority. As such, we have the greatest foundation for the abundant life Jesus promised us, even in an unstable world. So many today have lost their moral compass. They are confused, looking for clear direction, but so often in the wrong places. We believe only in the Holy Bible you will find God’s answers, true answers, real answers, for every need in your life and for the life to come. God says it. We believe it. That settles it! If you recognize what has been said as truth, and it is your desire to have that solid foundation, built solely on God’s Word for your life and family, we would be delighted to have you personally visit us. We joyfully invite you to grow with us, and experience the love, joy and peace that only Jesus gives! Because He Lives, Pastor Bill Arruda